Q. I want to know where my closest FABARM dealer is – Can you help me?
A. Please go to our Dealer Locator page here on our website. Or call us at 410-901-1260


Q. Where can I try a FABARM shotgun before I buy one?
A. Please stop by and see us at any of our Demo Events through-out the year. Check our calendar often for updates on events near you. Events are also listed on our Fabarm Facebook page.


Q. How do I Assemble, Disassemble, Clean and Maintain my FABARM shotgun?
A. Please refer to the owners manual that came with your shotgun. If you have any questions, call 410-901-1260 to speak to one of our gunsmiths or send us an email by visiting our Contact page here on our website.


Q. I bought my FABARM from a HK or CDNN – Is my warranty still valid?
A. No, unfortunately it is not but FABARM USA is happy to assist you in getting your firearm back into working condition for a fair price.


Q. Where do I send my FABARM imported by HK to be repaired?
A. Please contact us at 410-901-1260 and we will gladly assist you in getting the gun to our repair facility in Cambridge, Maryland. We value you as a customer and want to make sure that your firearm is operating safely and properly. If you are sending in your shotgun for repair and it is a Heckler & Koch (also known as HK) imported FABARM shotgun; models known as Red Lion, Gold Lion, Camo Lion, Lion SC, Competition Lion, Rex Lion, FP6, SAT 8, SDASS, Classis, etc. there will be charges for the labor, parts and shipping as Heckler & Koch is no longer providing lifetime warranty service.


Q. Where can I get parts for my FABARM shotgun?
A. FABARM USA can assist you in getting replacement parts for your shotgun. You can give us a call at 410-901-1260 or visit our web store to purchase most of our common parts online 24/7.


Q. What are the choke configurations for the Exis HP chokes?

• Skeet/Cylinder; .000″
• #2; .012″
• #5; .022″
• #7; .031″
• #9; .040″


Q. My shotgun is discontinued from production – do you have parts?
A. FABARM USA works hard at sourcing replacement parts for your shotgun. Unfortunately not all parts are available because of the length of time the gun had been discontinued. Please contact us regarding your shotgun. A serial number will quickly identify if parts are available for your gun.


Q. I shoot reloads. Does that void my warranty?
A. Due to inconsistencies with reloading, inclusive of components, equipment and potential human error, FABARM cannot warranty its shotguns with non-factory loaded ammunition. Only factory loaded ammunition is to be used.