ModelXLR5 Velocity LR
Gauge12 Ga
OperationStainless Steel Piston, Gas operated
Barrel Length30" – 32"
Barrel Rib Height10.4mm
Chokes5 EXIS HP™ Competition Chokes
Frame FinishBlack Anodized or Titanium™ Silver
StockEuropean Walnut with Adjustable Comb
Stock FinishMatte, Hand Oiled
Length of pull14.75"
Weight8lbs. 4oz.*
CaseHard Case
Proof Test1630 BAR
Warranty5 years
Left HandedAvailable
*Weights may vary based on wood density.


FA03140XLR5 Velocity LR 12g 30" Black RH$2,325
FA03141XLR5 Velocity LR 12g 30" Black LH$2,505
FA03142XLR5 Velocity LR 12g 30" Silver RH$2,695
FA03143XLR5 Velocity LR 12g 30" Silver LH$2,875
FA03160XLR5 Velocity LR 12g 32" Black RH$2,325
FA03161XLR5 Velocity LR 12g 32" Black LH$2,505
FA03162XLR5 Velocity LR 12g 32" Silver RH$2,695
FA03163XLR5 Velocity LR 12g 32" Silver LH$2,875
*Prices are subject to change without notice.


Once in a great while something comes along that is so obvious that it makes you say “why didn’t I think of that?” The Velocity LR (Long Rib) concept is exactly that. We asked ourselves why a semi-auto barrel rib starts at the front of the receiver, a full 4 ½” further forward than an over-and-under shotgun. Doesn’t that unnecessarily shorten the sighting plane? The answer is yes, but we can do better. The new Velocity LR has an innovative ramp style fixed rib that starts at the back of the receiver giving the shooter the maximum length sighting plane for better target acquisition and tracking. The bottom line is that a better sight picture equals more broken targets.

The Velocity LR combines all of the other ground breaking innovations that have made the XLR5 Velocity so popular last year. FABARM Velocity LR – Moving Forward Faster.